How the Emerging Science of Epigenetics can Transform your Wellbeing.

In the past it was believed that our genes controlled our lives and our fate.   Human Beings gave away their power by holding the belief that they were at the mercy of their genes.  The new science that is just coming into the forefront of our world today is called Epigenetics and proves we are not victims of our genetics.  Far from it! This new field proves just how powerful we really are.

Research within the field of Epigenetics has proven that it is the environment around our cells that controls which genes are turned on or off.

This is how it works.  We each have around 60,000 thoughts a day.   Each of these thoughts is influencing our brain chemistry.  Essentially, our brains will alter its chemistry to match our thoughts.  When we are in a state of stress or fear we release different chemistry into our blood than when we are relaxed, calm or in love.  All of the 50 Trillion cells in our body are bathed in that chemistry.   This in turn controls which genes will become reactive or remain dormant.  Having a particular gene does not determine whether you will manifest a disease, the environment around your cells does. 

This means that we can control which genes are turned on and off by controlling the environment around our cells.    How do we keep the environment around our cells in a harmonious state? We keep ourselves in a harmonious state.  And how do we do this?  We start to become aware of our own reactions to our environment as much as possible.  We put practices in place to nurture ourselves and keep our body and mind in balance.  You owe it to the 50 trillion cells in your body! Since, we can control how we react to situations around us, we can with practice keep ourselves in a state of healing and repair - in an increasing number of situations and for increasing periods of time.   For those of you going through an experience of illness at this time, the power comes from knowing that you can put practices in place to un-create it.  You are Powerful.

Bruce Lipton is both inspiring and a leader in the field of Epigenetics (Ph.D.).  If you would like to learn more I highly recommend that you watch this video.   Brue Lipton presents a number of concepts in a really simple manner during his interview with McKay. (Bruce Lipton intvwd Conscious TV)