These myths about weight loss often cause frustration

Let's face it, we have all been there at one point or another in our lives - that feeling of carrying a few extra kilograms or clothes that seem a little more snug than usual.  If you have been trying to overcome something like this but haven't been satisfied with your progress, it may be that you simply need a new approach.

But first, let's bust a few myths...

Myth 1:  Losing weight is about calorie restriction

The first prevalent myth is that losing weight should be simply about eating less, and to do it properly means sticking to tortuous calorie restricted diets.   When you do this, you are working against the body. Similarly if someone were to work against you, you would fight back, and that is what your body is doing. Afterall, you are starving, so the body is trying to conserve body fat at all costs! Any weight you lose will come back on when things return to normal, and the yo-yo cycle begins.

Losing weight has less to do with using will power to limit food intake than you might think.

Myth 2:  To lose weight we need to slog it out at the gym

The second myth that we are told is that to lose weight we need to slog it out at the gym.   The truth of the matter is that sometimes this may work against your weight loss efforts.   Intense exercise produces cortisol in the body (a stress hormone) and if you are already stressed this can trigger your body to hold onto excess weight.   To support our weight loss efforts, we need the right kind exercise which is dependent upon such factors as our age, health status, stress levels and overall lifestyle. Most importantly, your unique body-mind blueprint.

Myth 3:  A person's weight is mostly controlled by their 'genetic lottery'

Sure, there is some evidence to suggest that our genetic makeup influences our body shape and this will always be a factor. But it is less of a factor than you may think, and there are in fact many other non-genetic factors that have a big say on your body shape.  For example, there are mental and emotional elements operating beneath the surface that can become blocks to our weight loss efforts:

  • Excess weight may be serving an emotional need and forming a layer of protection between you and the rest of the world (including others). This can sometimes occur when a person is unable to set healthy boundaries.

  • Excess weight can also occur as a result of self-image. It can be a way of keeping people at a distance or providing a form of self-punishment for the self. It’s actually common!

  • Eating for any other reason than nutrition is emotional eating. In some cases, eating strategies can become distorted and attached to needs other than nutrition such as stuffing down emotions or hiding emotional pain, adding sweetness to life that is currently missing or providing comfort.

  • Some people can accumulate excess weight when they don’t follow their life purpose. In some cases, the excess weight accumulates as food becomes an emotional substitute for spiritual fulfillment. If we deny these needs, the body may compensate by accumulating excess weight.

These are only a few of the reasons why it may be difficult to shed those extra kilos, the good news is that we can help you identify and overcome your reasons.

The real meaning of ‘diet’.

The meaning of the word ‘Diet’ is derived from a Greek word ‘diatia’ which actually means ‘Way of Life’.  In this day and age how far has our approach to food moved away from a way of life? The word ‘diet’ has so many negative connotations. 95% of people who begin a diet do not continue a diet after the first 30 days.  

At The Juicy Effect, we focus on first discovering your unique ‘body-mind energy type’, which is your unique combination of the Five Elements (according to Ayurveda). Once you know your correct body-mind type, everything becomes a little easier and you can make better decisions without necessarily giving up things you enjoy. We can help you….

  • Fire up your metabolism

  • Strengthen your digestion and the gut microbiome

  • Ensure that you are absorbing and utilising your food effectively

  • Incorporate more nutrient dense vitality foods and drinks into your daily regime.

  • Eliminate undesirable cravings

  • Reduce toxicity

  • Balance hormones and remove endocrine disruptors

  • Put you back in touch with your own body’s natural intelligence

If you are curious, get in touch. We can do this together.