Why not learn something new whilst on holiday?

There is already so much written about how fast-paced the modern world is that it is, it’s hardly worth mentioning any more.  So many distractions, so many things on our to-do lists, and seemingly less time to get it all done. This lack of time often creates a trade-off that reveals itself at some point - wellbeing versus progress.   In many ways these two concepts are at odds with each other.  The more one wants to progress in the world, the more things need to get done, which invariable negatively affects personal wellbeing at some point.  Sometimes it is referred to as a mid-life crisis.

It doesn't always go this way, but it seems to be more and more common.

The continuous expectation of progress

When was the last time you heard a business leader suggest that they don't want any further progress, and productivity can remain the same for the decades to come?   I certainly haven't.  This continuous expectation of progress will at some point come to a tipping point, if it hasn't already.  If a person isn't already proactively managing their psychological, physiological and social wellbeing, skills that aren’t necessarily taught at school or university, when is the right time to learn how? Ideally before burn-out sets in would be a good time.

Why not take a learning holiday in Ubud?

Sure there are plenty of courses that you could take during the week or on weekends, but many of our customers are telling us that they simply don’t have the time. An alternative is to book a flight to Ubud, and take in many of the wonderful experiences to travel, rejuvenate, learn and transform. We call it a learning holiday. Here’s just one example of an itinerary we would suggest (and contact us for more ideas).

Arrive in Bali and head to the beach for a day or two. Canggu and Seminyak are pretty good options, although they are getting busier and busier every year. Then, head up to Ubud and stay in one of the many wonderful accommodation options. Buy a multi-visit pass at one of the Yoga studios (e.g. Yoga Barn, Radiantly Alive), visit Pyramids of Chi, dine out at any number of healthy restaurants, chill out and relax, and of course come and take in our regular workshops (discover your body-mind type is a favourite) and book in for a private consultation. You can do all of this around Pengosekan where we are based.

It could be the best thing you could do right now!