Chakra Balance With Vibrational Kinesiology


Chakra Balance With Vibrational Kinesiology


Kinesiology is a powerful non-invasive technique to release emotional blockages and limiting beliefs.   Balancing the Chakra system enables us to create and attract new possibilities and leads to significant changes in the way we experience life.

50-60 minutes

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Kinesiology is a type of biofeedback system using subconscious muscle response to detect ‘stressors’ in the body. Through this feedback system, it interfaces with subtle energy systems of the body including the Chakra-Nadi system of the Yogis, the Acupuncture meridian system of Chinese Medicine, and the unconscious mind and the body’s innate intelligence. Kinesiology uses different non-invasive techniques to release energy blockages and allow the body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and wellbeing. It is a very effective energy healing technique for detecting and then clearing blockages in the Chakra system.

This session commences with a short questionnaire and discussion about preferences. You then get to relax whilst we use our Kinesiology expertise to determine the Chakra(s) which require balancing, as well as what type of blockages exist. This is followed by the application of our unique vibrational techniques to re-establish balance within the chakra(s).

Application of these techniques leads to the releasing of emotional blockages and limiting beliefs and facilitates the discovery of new insights. Overall, balancing the Chakra system enables the world to be viewed from a more empowering perspective, creating and attracting new possibilities and thereby leading to significant changes in the way we experience life.

More about the Chakra System

Chakras contain ‘programs’. We all function by a set of programs. When we are not able to create the life that we want, we often have ‘unwanted’ programs and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way. When we balance our Chakras ‘we get the bugs out’ removing the programs that are no longer for our highest good and may be blocking us from living or manifesting the life that we want.

An excessive Chakra will have too much energy flowing through it to work properly (think energy traffic jam). A deficient Chakra does not have enough energy flowing through it (think dull light bulb). This session is all about rediscovering the right flow of energy for you.

The chart below explains the common 7 Chakra system:

chakras_the juicy effect.jpg