More awesome, more often, at work!

To remain relevant in an ever-changing world, we are all being asked to provide greater and greater value in the workplace.   It's the new normal! 

However, work shouldn’t have an impact on your wellbeing, which is why we created our workplace wellbeing program for contemporary companies. It’s for open minded people who understand the importance of maintaining their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. These are skills you can use for the rest of your career, both in and out of work.


Personal & Professional Development

Everyone in your team is different and unique, which presents a bit of a challenge when the pressure is on. Everyone reacts differently. Our Juicy @Work program offers a range of skills that individuals can choose to develop, that will benefit both their personal and professional lives. Our programs are a little bit edgy and most likely very different from what you would have experienced previously, but we think this is a good thing. We draw on knowledge from a range of different disciplines that focus on the balance of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The goal is to be able to operate effectively in what is an increasingly chaotic world of work.. Examples of the topics that other companies tap into are:

  • Explore the purpose of our Core Emotions, their triggers, and how to ‘self-regulate’ whilst at work.

  • Understand the science of Emotional Contagion and what this means for group dynamics and the workplace overall

  • Deep dive into the mechanics of perception ‘as a creation of the mind’, and improve understanding about unconscious biases that we each bring to many situations.

  • Develop methods for expanding our ‘spectrum of awareness’. An immersion into why it is beneficial to put practices in place to constantly shift our perspective in order to work more effectively, to enhance our relationships and to embrace more of life including our greatest challenges.

  • Practices and Strategies for cultivating a ‘Fit Mind’ to obtain a deeper understanding of the nature of the mind, its qualities and how best to work with the mind (using a number of different practices and strategies) to create a ‘fit mind’ or one that will best support us throughout our life (personal and work).

  • Health and wellbeing practices to support and balance all aspects of our wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). We define spiritual in this context as ‘understanding the ‘self and putting practices in place that ‘feed our spirit’.

  • Understanding human motivation and what this means for ‘the self’ as well as work place dynamics

We deliver our programs online, unless you want to come to Ubud?

You may be thinking aren’t you guys in Bali? How can you possibly deliver programs from there? Unfortuantely, we don’t fly everyone to Bali (although you are welcome to fly over any time). Instead, we offer our Juicy @Work programs online, over Zoom or Skype, one to one or in small groups. In many ways, it is actually better because we can juggle last minute schedule changes easily.

We suggest give it a go and seeing for yourself how effective this can be.


Why is all of this important?

Here are a few independent supporting materials that are worth considering: 


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