Why not create your own DIY Retreat?

Travel, Rejuvenate, Learn & Transform in Ubud, Bali


Did you know that the World Health Organisation recently added burnout to their list of Classification Of International Diseases - described as a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. The great news is that Ubud is the perfect place to pause, press the reset button, and get your health back on track! It’s a magical place that derives its name from a Balinese word that means ‘medicine’, attracting people from all over the world who seek out transformation for body, mind and spirit.  Whether you stay for a week or many months, everything’s already here to build your own DIY mix-and-match recovery retreat.

How awesome is Ubud?

Located only an hour’s drive from Bali’s main international airport, Ubud is amazingly safe for all travelers. There is plenty of accommodation to suit every budget, from traditional homestays to amazing five-star hotels, and everything in between.  You can start your day with a Yoga or Meditation class at any number of wonderful studios, attend any number of therapies including massage, sound healing, salt-water floating, and reiki just to name a few. There’s site seeing tours, temples and waterfalls to discover, or get adventurous with a Quadbike or cycling tour. And then there’s the amazing choice of high-quality restaurants to suit different every taste and budget.

  Oh, of course there’s also the chance to relax, write that book, study, and take in a few workshops. It’s your Ubud retreat, you get to create it! And whilst you are here, we can work our Awesome In Ubud package into your schedule.


There’s Yoga Studios (we drop into these classes regularly)

The Yoga Barn. With over 140 classes per week, a healthy cafe and a selection of therapies, Yoga Barn is a major attraction only 5 mins walk away.

Radiantly Alive. Just refurbished with a range of new classes and events, this is also somewhere we go ourselves on a regular basis.

Chakra Yoga. Just opened in late 2018, Chakra Yoga is run by locals and offer up an impressive selection of classes.

There’s plenty of Accommodation

De Dalam Secret Nature. Our favourite of course, because we have been here since we got to Bali. Simple and quiet, it’s perfect for longer term stays.

Lily House. Well appointed rooms with a pool, and it’s located literally next door. It’s simple, quiet and great for an Ubud short stay.

Artini Resort. This is also next door. With over 50 rooms, it’s where we get our friends and family to stay if there are no rooms available above.

Plataran Resort. Fancy, a little more pricey, but simply lovely. It’s located in central Ubud, just a few mins walk away.

There are hundreds of other accommodation options in and around Ubud, check out Agoda for more…

There’s restaurants for vegetarians (Sharon-style)

Garden Cafe (Yoga Barn). They do have fish and chicken on the menu, but vegetarians will love this place. It is great to eat and hang out.

Good Earth. We regularly order from here, the menu is extensive, and the people are friendly. Totally Vegan.

Seeds Of Life. Part of the raw food revolution. Sharon orders from here several times a week. It is awesome. Even Jason loves it!

Clear Cafe. This is an Ubud institution, and deserves the praise. There is a decent menu that includes fish dishes for those who don’t want total Veg.

There’s restaurants for non-vegetarians (Jason-style)

Who’s Who. Located just in front of us, it continues to be one of Ubud’s best finds. Owners Tom and Detri are there most nights, so be sure to say hello.

Taco Casa. Also located just out the front of us, this place is always busy at dinner time. Fresh food, simple, but super delicious.

Nostimo Greek. Nostimo is another great option if you are in Ubud, and it is popular. Just two mins walk away.

Hujon Locale. So this is pretty much our favourite Ubud restaurant to celebrate anything. Its fancy local food, but still very reasonable for what you get.

There’s plenty of Activities

Pyramids of Chi. A unique sound-healing experience that takes place in pyramids made to the same scale as those in Egypt.

More coming soon, we haven’t got around to adding these in yet.

What about a hosted Leadership or team planning escape?


Would you like your next workplace planning exercise to be fun and transformational for attendees whilst also supporting the achievement of organisational goals?  Why not bring your team to Ubud, Bali?

By combining several of our workshop sessions into your multi-day agenda, you and your team can leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for success.

Choice of four or five star accommodation.  Contact us to learn more.