We help everyday people to live, be and feel more awesome more often.


As things get busier and expectations continue to grow, it can impact many different parts of our lives including career, lifestyle, relationships, personal goals and overall well-being. Luckily, we also live in a time with access to over 5,000 years of human knowledge about how to live, be and feel more awesome more often. At The Juicy Effect, we combine the best of what works from a broad variety of disciplines to help you live your best life. This includes Ayurveda, Kinesiology, Body-Mind Nutrition & Lifestyle Science, Hypnosis, Cranio-Sacral and Timeline Therapies, Shamanic Energy Clearing, Vedic Astrology and the latest that modern science has to offer. Check out our range of personal consultations, workshops and more.

We offer Personal Consultations

You are totally unique, which is why we tailor our personal consultations to your unique body-mind type. If you aren’t sure which consultation is best for you, simply book an initial consultation and we can figure out what you need together.


We offer regular Workshops

Commencing 9 September 2019.

Wisdom is knowledge in action, which is why we have created a few workshops that focus on learning new things. With a maximum of 12 people to ensure you will leave with the most knowledge and best possible experience. Pre-booking is advised.


Tuesdays 5-8pm

Discover your unique Ayurvedic body-mind type for better health.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old system of holistic medicine that translates as the “science of life” and views each individual as having a unique body-mind type. Think of this as your energetic blueprint that governs what helps or hinders you. In this information-packed workshop, you will receive an introduction to Ayurveda, the Doshas, and how these energetic properties influence your health and wellbeing on a day to day basis. You will discover your unique energetic blueprint, what it means for your day to day choices, and how to restore your overall health if things go out of balance. If you want to expand your wellbeing knowledge even further, this is definitely a workshop for you. US$30


Thursdays 5-7pm More Awesome At Work. Techniques for better success and balance.

If you are an entrepreneur, business leader or simply someone who wants to get ahead in their career, then this is a workshop for you. You will be introduced to a totally unique blend of knowledge and techniques sourced from over 5,000 years of human knowledge to improve your experience at work, get that pay-rise, land that new job, or improve team performance. We will explore the fundamental laws of the universe and what they mean for day-to-day decision making, how Einstein’s theory of special relativity applies to negotiating, how yoga philosophy can be used to improve workplace culture, and how Ayurvedic wisdom can reduce communication problems. Sound intriguing? It’s only $US20, remember to book early.


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You can also connect with us you online.

If any of our consultations or workshops sound interesting, but you can’t make it to Ubud, just get in touch. We have customers from all around the world who did exactly this. We also continue programs online that start in Ubud. Contact us to learn more.